Empowering Energy Sovereignty

Mackwell creates an opportunity for energy sovereignty in a world of energy dependence, empowering individuals, industries, and communities to take control over their own energy generation, distribution and consumption.

Time is of the essence...

As fossil fuels decline, advanced-steam technology is unique in its ability to scale and support a sustainable energy system before time runs out. At the 'cutting edge of low tech', advanced-steam uses common and inexpensive resources such as steel and wood, minimising environmental and social externalities. When paired with the high Energy-ROI biomass (>25:1), advanced-steam stands out as a highly affordable energy solution which can maintain the food, shelter and connectivity services that thriving societies require.


Our Message to You:

  • Grow, manage, and maintain your own fuel supply.
  • Future-proof your energy systems.

  • Generate beneficial social and environmental outcomes.

We believe individuals, communities, and businesses can develop resilient energy systems which generate clean energy without threatening their ecological, social, economic and cultural foundations. Like all life on earth, our vision for energy sovereignty lies in the sun, soil, plants and trees.

Energy sovereignty is the right of conscious individuals, communities and peoples to make their own decisions on energy generation, distribution and consumption in a way that is appropriate within their ecological, social, economic and cultural circumstances, provided that these do not affect others negatively.

Defining Energy Sovereignty - Ecologistas en Acción Magazine