Mackwell Generators

Mackwell Generators directly convert biomass into on-demand power and heat, enabling off-grid households, communities and industries to become energy sovereign.

Agile, compact and mobile, Mackwell Generators can use a wide range of biomass fuels (including abundant and forest-available residues) to generate clean energy. Able to operate off-grid, our Generators can provide energy certainty whilst reducing costs by at least 50% compared to diesel generators, and CO2-e emissions by over 96%. Mackwell is currently working with various industries to develop in-field shaft power and generator units.

Projects under development include:
  • G26 Generator (directly convertible with the A35 Engine)
  • Off-grid electricity production from 5 to >1000 kW.
  • Shaft-power from 300 to >1000 kW.
  • The processing of low grade, high moisture content forestry residues.

Available from 5kW to >1000 kW, contact Mackwell for pricing and availability today. 

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