What we do.

Resilient, clean burning and cost effective.

Mackwell is developing agricultural and industrial equipment that does not rely upon fossil fuels.

Mackwell tractors, locomotives, generators engines are fuelled by re-generative biomass such as wood or agri-waste. This is fuel that is often discarded, burned or sent to landfill. Food crops like sugar, rice and cereals consist of 20% edible with the other 80% of the crop being discarded or burned. Mackwell equipment can use this waste, as fuel, and it can easily come without cost. Where the Mackwell fuel (eg biomass or wood chips) is purchased it can come significantly less than the cost of diesel or petrol. The Mackwell engine burns very efficiently – it’s clean, spark free and emits exhaust that is 96% emission free.

The Mackwell team specialise in the design, development and construction of zero-carbon steam tractors, generators and locomotives. As well they can retro-fit marine, historic locomotives and other industrial applications. Mackwell is about energy resilience, simplicity, cost-efficiencies, pragmatic design and an environmental drive beyond fossil fuel.