Sam Mackwell

Founder, Chief Engineer & CEO

For most of his life Sam has been on a mission to facilitate a just transition away from fossil fuel, particularly for agriculture & transport. Since 2016, Sam has developed the revolutionary biomass-burning steam boiler technology which powers Mackwell equipment. Prior to this, Sam explored possibilities in various technologies including biofuel turbine engines and hydrogen. Sam received several grants for this work from various organisations. Sam took part in the Young Enterprise Scheme in 2011 and was selected to compete in Bangkok. In 2012 Sam was invited to attend the Pacific Forum in the Cook Islands. Sam now leads the further design and development of Mackwell technology.

William Bowden

Business Development | BSc, PGDipSciComm

+64 275 678 845

With interests in ecological economics, environmental science and permaculture design, William recognises the role Mackwell Technology can play in developing resilience to the energy crisis and climate disruption. He currently leads customer outreach and communication, building out business-case analyses with clients who are making the switch to Mackwell technology. William is the main point of contact for inbound customer enquiries.

Jennifer Manson

Accounts & HR Support | BSc (Hons)

Jennifer’s B.Sc. is in Computer Science from the University of Canterbury where she participated in the prestigious, by-invitation Honours program. Her early career was in technical software design/development and technical communication. She founded two businesses, one in real estate and one in publishing, before returning to technology to work with larger teams on projects with broader impact. She has an enormous amount of experience in all aspects of business management and development, and great passion and skill in leading talented teams to deliver successful, innovative projects.

Michael Galloway

Mechanical Development Engineer | BEng Mech

Dedicated to building resilient technology for the world, Michael has a strong value alignment with Mackwell. Coming from a family background in Aircraft engineering, and earlier experience in designing Gantry cranes, Michael is now dedicated to building technology that “empowers the impoverished”. Michael uses his degree and tutoring experience to ensure that Mackwell technology operates at an output that exceeds industry expectations.

Paul Burrell

Mechanical Development Engineer | BEng Mech (Hons)

Big on team culture and a believer in local manufacturing, Paul aligns with Mackwell’s commitment to building everything from raw materials entirely within New Zealand. Paul’s Dux academics saw him fly through his Mechanical Engineering degree, bringing a competitive edge towards Mackwell’s vision of providing energy sovereignty to the world. Wanting to cut through “the comfortable ignorance of the modern energy situation”, Paul is fully invested in seeing Mackwell’s purpose come to life, and bringing a real energy solution to the world.

Johan Esterhuizen

Mechanical Development Engineer

With a strong belief in self-sufficiency, Johan was drawn to the technology “that can save millions” from the energy crisis. Johan understands the need for Mackwell in the world and has a clear altruistic goal of “wanting to see people fed and warm.” Hailing from a family of mechanical engineers, Johan enjoys solving mechanical complexities. He won the Environment Canterbury School Award, and has represented New Zealand for Robotics. Johan has a full-send, virtue-oriented personality who greatly contributes to the work environment.

Melany van Schalkwyk

Mechanical Development Engineer | BEng Mech

A company that is genuinely improving the quality of life for people is something that Melany has always wanted to be a part of. Melany studied mechanical engineering at the University of Pretoria and has experience designing and modelling the assembly of remote control mining units. Attention to detail and an “honesty is the best policy”mindset are some of her hallmarks among the crew. Melany is inspired by her positive impact in giving people energy sovereignty in a way that upholds the environment.

Daniel Morton-Jones

Legal & Business Development | LLB(Hons)

Recognised as ‘Top Recruit’ in his New Zealand Defence Force platoon, Daniel finished up his Honours Law degree and jumped straight into a practical role with an impact. “Achieving energy sovereignty for all” is the heart of Mackwell and the spirit that unifies the Mackwell crew. Daniel says that “working alongside a team that believes in what they are doing is awesome.” Daniel applies his legal skills, hands-on attitude, and a keen desire for purposeful business development to help bring Mackwell’s technology to the world.