Mackwell Boilers

Mackwell has rediscovered the steam locomotive and reinvented its boiler, creating an invaluable tool for a world moving beyond fossil fuel.

Our innovative technology is designed to utilise biomass directly with minimum processing, thus preserving the high Energy-ROI of the biomass fuel source.

Biomass generally has a lower energy density compared to fossil fuels. Mackwell compensates for this low energy density with innovative designs resulting in a three-fold increase in thermal efficiency. Long term, we expect that a six-fold increase over conventional steam locomotive efficiency is possible.

The steam locomotive’s boiler was its Achilles heel and we have re-invented the locomotive boiler specifically for use with biomass.

Two key principles underpin the Mackwell boiler technology:
  1. No heat is removed until combustion is complete.
  2. Fast moving water is heated inside small, robust tubes.
The Mackwell boiler technology has numerous operating benefits including:
  • Clean burning advanced combustion system.
  • Intrinsically safe design, containing just 3% of the water that a conventional boiler does.
  • Rapid steam-raising from cold (30 minutes).
  • 40% efficiency improvement due to complete combustion of fuel at rated output, which combined with state of the art engine technology, leads to a 400% improvement in overall efficiency compared to traditional locomotives.
  • Non-fouling heat exchanger.

Mackwell tech is built for any most biomass fuels including: dry firewood, wet or dry hog fuel & wood chip and crop residues such as sugar cane bagasse. Mackwell’s use of biomass fuels and enhanced efficiency can reduce fuel costs by over 70% compared to diesel.